About Us

Rachel Adams Lee

 Growth can be scary. Growth can be uncomfortable. And yet when you lean into that fear and swap it out for faith, THAT is when the magic really begins.I took some big chances a few years go when I got into real estate, because I knew I was meant for more. I was able to become and author, travel and coach over the world and met the love of my life.Not everyone will agree with your life choices. Not everyone will be your cheerleader. And you know what? That is OK! Those who matter, will. Those who align with who you are and who you are becoming, they will be right by your side.

Never apologize for wanting something different. Growth is a beautiful thing, and you only get one life!Go after the one of your dreams!

Bonnie Kelly

 Beauty is within you. Sometimes we forget with all the insecurities, judgement, and labels we splattered all over it. By removing these things you can recover the true essence of what lies beneath. Call me 🤙 and discover how. 

Stephanie Mearse

Financial Freedom in 5 years and how to develop a plan from nothing.  Where are you now financially and where do you want to be. The steps to take to achieve your financial future and help overall life goals.